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Car Covers Provide Indoor and Outdoor Protection


When kept outdoors, the car is left at the mercy of nature, which, to be frank, is not very merciful at all. The rain, snow, sun, wind, etc, all of them have diverse effects on the exteriors as well as interiors of cars.To begin with, the rain leaves ugly water-marks, and causes the body-work to rust with time. The acid in the rain eats away at the paint-work, and makes it very patchy. The snow freezes over the car, including the brakes. This is extremely dangerous as it prevents the brakes from working efficiently enough, and could be fatal.If a car is left in the sun, the interior over-heats. This damages the internal workings, as well as making it rather unbearably stuffy to drive in. As for the exterior, the paint-work and finish gets bleached and worn away due to the ultra-violet rays from the sun. The car will end up looking much older than it really is.Wind-storms bring up with them anything that has been left lying in the streets, such as sticks and stones. When these are made to fly through the air in the wind, they scratch and dent cars along the way.Birds muck and tree sap is two nuisances a car will be stained with when it is parked outdoors. These stains look most unsightly, and they are extremely hard to get rid of.

It doesn’t make a difference if the car is parked indoors or outdoors, either way, the car gets dusty. Dust gathers anywhere and makes the car look old and worn out.When the car is parked indoors, it is still not safe from scratches and dents. As the garbage is being taken out, it will often bang and knock the car. If the bag contains something a bit heavier this can leave a permanent impression on the exterior. Also, garages are usually not the most spacious, and when people squeeze past the car they can scratch it if they have things hanging from their pockets or belts. These little accidents are seemingly nothing, nonetheless they leave visible marks.A car cover will prevent all of the above from wrecking the car. All-weather covers are waterproof and ultra-violet resistant and will protect any car from the sun, rain, and snow. The cover itself will be able to absorb the shock of knocks and bangs and prevent the car from getting dented and scratched.There are covers specifically designed for the indoors. These too will be able to prevent a car from getting scratched and dented, and are also dust-proof. They are water and uv resistant, though on a much lower scale to outdoor covers. This is so that owner can benefit from an occasional outdoor use too.

How Umbrella Car Cover Made My Life Happier

I personally live in a hot climate. This is probably everyone’s dream, and I am lucky to live such a life. The sun is constantly shining, the air is peaceful, and on the odd occasion, we get a refreshing sprinkle of rain. Its pure blissAt least it was until I realized what effect this type of life was having on my car. Yes I realized my car would get stuffy and sometimes too claustrophobic to drive. So I had made a make-shift windscreen cover, made from an old cardboard box. This wasn’t brilliant but it certainly bettered the situation. But then, after a while, I noticed that the internal workings of my car were being to wear thin. Then one day I looked at my car, and could barely tell what colour it was meant to be! The sun had totally bleached the exterior.Frantic I took my car to the garage where I was sadly told the truth. Sunshine wrecks a car. When the car is left standing in the powerful ultra-violet rays from the sun, it gets bleached and the colour fades. The car over-heats and the internal specs get ruined. Needless to say, I was devastated.Thankfully, the garage mechanic was equipped with a solution to my problems. He advised me to get aUmbrella car cover. I had heard of car covers before, but I always thought that they were for people who lived in wet, rainy climates. I didn’t realize that there was a need, and therefore a cover, for the sun as well.

But Cover craftrecognized the need, and have made Umbrella specifically for people like me! They manufacture these covers from woven acrylic fibers that are naturally resistant to ultra-violet. The fact that it is woven adds another dimension to its protectiveness. Umbrella is also water-resistant, albeit at a lower degree, so that the car is still protected during that occasional shower of rain.Naturally, I don’t have dust gathering on the car either, now that I have bought Umbrella. My car is always fresh and dust-free. The cover will also resist the growth of rot and mildew in most environments, so I don’t need to worry how my car is faring under the cover.Aside from my car’s paint-work no longer fading, the colour of Umbrella also doesn’t fade. The acrylic fibers are dyed before the fabric is woven and therefore the colour is embedded in the material, and not on the surface. My car will always look stylish and fresh whether it’s covered or not! I had five colors to choose from; Pacific Blue, Sky Blue, Cadet Grey, Jet Black or Toast, all of which are very classy.

Universal Car Cover – Why Pay More?

The market today is full of car covers. There are many different types, depending on where you live, what climate, what car you have, and how you store it. This is amazing because no matter where you are, there’s always the perfect cover for your vehicle. However there is no need to pay outrageous amounts in order to give your vehicle the protection it deserves. Once you have chosen the material with the right qualities for your car and its environment, you can simply select to get it in the universal size, saving you lots of money. No matter what cover you choose, your car will always be shielded from things like tree sap, birds droppings and dust. The car will then be free of stains and thick layers of dust, and make it much easier for you as you will not have to spend hours cleaning the car.

Whether your cover will actually be waterproof, and or ultra-violet resistant, is dependent on what material you choose as a cover. Generally they all have these qualities, at varying levels though. Nor water-marked or peeling paint from the high levels of acid found in the rain. The colour of the paint will remain fresh and not fade from the sunlight and the car will not get to stuffy and overheated to drive. Custom, will of course work out the most expensive as it is manufactured uniquely for the car. Universal covers are the cheapest as the can be mass-produced as they will fit on to any car, big or small. The protection provided will be just as good, since at the end of the day, it is the material that has the waterproof and UV resistant features not the size. This means it can be lent out to family and friends, and you will not have to buy a new one when you buy a new car, as it will fit that car too. You also don’t have to worry when you want to attach a roof-rack or something like that as you know it won’t be a problem.


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