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Car Steering Wheels: Controlling Vehicles


A car is the result of various parts put together along with certain mechanisms. The car steering wheel is also one of the components. What you hold while driving a car is the car steering wheel. By moving it clockwise and anti-clockwise you are able to drive a car. In other words, a car steering wheel is steering which controls the vehicles and allows it to move the car in a specific direction. One can find steering wheel in all the cars, buses, trucks, tractors, except trains. The steering wheel, however just makes the part of an entire steering system.

Types of steering wheels:

There are various types of the car steering wheel. These are:

  • Tilt steering wheel: The innovation of tilt wheel dates back to 1900s. At that time, they were mostly used in luxury cars. The position of these wheel steerings can be changed up and down without affecting the steering column.
  • Telescope steering wheel: The cars before the British war mostly had these types of steering wheels. These wheels can also be easily adjusted within the 3-inch range.
  • Adjustable steering wheel: In contrast to both of the above, an adjustable steering column allows the height of the steering wheel to be adjusted easily by using electric motors or compression locks. In simple words for changing the steering, only a slight change in the tilt is required.
  • Swing-away steering wheels: These wheels first appeared in Ford vehicles in the 1970s. The wheel can be extended to 9 inches to the right.
  • Recirculating ball steering wheels: Recirculating wheels are mostly known for their quick power to turn vehicle’s wheels.
  • Rack-and-pinion steering wheels: Rack-and-pinion is now the most common steering wheels. A tie rod is connected to the wheel that spins the gear which in turn runs the car’s wheels.

The steering wheel is used in a spinning motion. However, it is very important to use it with caution. For instance, the posture of hands and arms should be proper. The wrist also should not be bent. All this is important to avoid any extremities or accident. Though the steering wheel is an inbuilt part of the car, one can get it changed if one wants to. There are a lot of online sites (of companies) that sell the car steering wheel. These companies also offer choice in the colours of the wheel. One can browse these sites online and select the steering wheel. This can then be replaced by any vehicle showroom.

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