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Mazda B-Series Pickup Trucks: At a Glance


As the necessity of transporting goods are increasing, while time and resource are limited, the best option found by the automobile engineers and manufacturers to address this issue is increasing the size of the pickup trucks. But the Mazda B-Series well known as the standard truck models from Mazda has not buckled down by this recent trend and chose to remain a true compact till now. Hence, all the B-Series of Mazda pickup trucks are proudly maintaining their compact identity and maneuverability without settling for lesser pickup functionalities.

The Recent Models of Mazda B-Series

The Phoenix Mazda informed us that the B-Series of Mazda was first introduced with the 2001-year model and continued with more or less the same specifications till the launch of the 2009 model. This model came in three trim versions naming them as B2300, B3000 and B4000. At first all the trims except the B2300 were configured in either two-wheel or four-wheel-drive, but since the year 2003, only the B4000 was released with 4WD configuration. To ensure safety at every turn, all the trim models of the entire B-Series lineup Antilock brakes were installed as a standard feature.

The Make and Power

The B2300 trim from the B-Series of Mazda got introduced in a regular-cab body style running on a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine that was able to make a 142 of horsepower. The B3000 on the other hand got its power from a 3.0-liter V6 engine that could squeeze out only a 148 hp, but with a bigger range of torque helping the driver make the most out of the usable power. The B3000 model was available either as a regular-cab or with an extended-cab configuration. If you select the extended-cab configuration, you have to adjust with a pair of smaller rear doors that come in pair with a flip-down rear seats. The B3000 however didn’t get continued after the year 2007. The B4000 as the topmost trim oozed out performance with its 4.0-liter V6 engine generating 207-hp and was made available only with the extended-cab body style.

Notable Features

All the models from the Mazda B-Series were equipped with notable features that varied from one trim level to the other, yet included keyless entry, alloy wheels, bedliners, skid plates, fog lights, limited-slip differential, cruise control, full power accessories and a CD player to allow auxiliary input jack. There is also a Troy Lee edition that carries graphics of flashy motocross gear to make it more appealing for the sport-oriented users. The trucks of the B-Series from Mazda once turned into “Mazda Truck” for the year 2002, though the name didn’t come out to be lucky and therefore got discontinued.

Fuel Economy and Towing Capacity

The fuel economy of the entire B-Series lineup ranged between 23-30 mpg and for those who needed the trucks for towing were recommended to go for the B4000 trim that had the ability to carry 5,600 pounds.

The Bottom Line

According to the Mazda Phoenix dealers, the Mazda B-Series are best for minimal truck functionality requirements that are easy to use for all.

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