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Is Your Car Battery Dying?


Your car has two sources of power: the battery and the alternator. The alternator converts a small portion of the mechanical energy of your engine into electricity, so as long as your engine is running, the alternator will be supplying electricity. The alternator runs all of the electrical components of your vehicle while the engine is running. However, when the engine is not running, your vehicle relies on the battery to supply the electrical energy. The battery is most commonly used to start the vehicle, but can be used to run components while the engine is turned off as well. So when your car is having trouble starting, you might wonder if your battery is dying.

Alternator Test

If you think your battery might be dying, you need to take it for Gwent garage services. The mechanics will be able to run a diagnostic that determines the root of the problem. If your alternator is malfunctioning, your vehicle will be running on battery power even while the engine is on, which will drain the battery quickly. However, if it’s a battery problem, they’ll be able to determine that issue as well.

You can do something of a test yourself. If your car won’t start, you should jump your car. Drive it around for a few minutes. If it starts up after that, your alternator is fine and your battery is losing charge. However, if it runs and does not start after turning it off, your alternator is fine, but your battery is completely dead.

Testing Your Battery

You can test your battery by charging it with a battery charger or by driving around for a while. A battery that is still healthy will collect a charge and hold it. If it loses that charge over time or if it won’t hold a charge at all, you need to get a replacement battery.

There are many reasons why a battery might lose its charge. One of the most common reasons is simply that your battery is getting old.

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