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The Attributes That Make Omari Betts Most Popular Car Leasing Consultant


The function of a sales and leasing consultant is immense and that helps you reach a sound flawless decision and complete a mind blowing purchase deal. No matter, whether you’re aimed to buy your first dream car for your personal use or business purpose, meeting a veteran car sales and leasing consultant like Omari Betts of Chevy Chase Acura, Maryland is likely to be a lifetime experience for anyone.

For potential car buyers, these consultants are the foremost representatives who greet them, understand their requirements in terms of budget, purchase scheme or kind of vehicles fitting to their purposes. Backed by independent analytic skill, problem solving ability, knowledge in the industry they ensure buyers money making deals that they look for.

Therefore, while you meet a car leasing company; make sure the representative or consultant you meet has thorough knowledge about the leasing market, benefits of leasing vs. buying cars and has an attitude to deliver optimum customer services. Being operational in the car sales and leasing industry for a long period of time, since joining at Chevy Chase Acura group Mr. Omari has helped hundreds and thousands of professionals, small business entrepreneurs’ and corporate business personalities helping them in buying their desired vehicles that would meet their regular purposes.

As a professional sales executive and leasing consultant, he puts his best effort to assist each client and benefit out of every transaction. He believes that a personality working in such a position should possess three must-have qualities to offer the consumers best services, in the market.

Public Relationship  

Public interaction is the most important job of a leasing consultant since all through the day they’re expected to communicate with the business clients with a smiling face. Interpersonal skills is one of the greatest characteristics that make them successful in job. They should be welcoming, amiable and comfortable to speak to customers with patience and coolness. High level of communication ability is a must for them since the job involves speaking to varieties of customers from different levels of the society and offering them with the best solutions. Following up the customers over telephone, answering their queries in person or over phone is vital.


Leasing and sales consultants should possess the skill to work independently as well as in conjunction with other departments like finance, accountants or tax consultants. Significantly, thorough knowledge about the area of practices as well as knowledge about varied cars, about their mechanisms, hottest features, price structures and the details pertaining to the lease schemes like attributes make them top south-after to car buyers.

Consistency of Services

Prospective customers intended to buy or hold a vehicle on lease scheme have varied potential, financial status and type of requirements. A sensible leasing consultant like Omari Betts is capable to deal with all sorts of necessities of every client with their problem solving ability and presence of mind. Most importantly, whatever suggestion or guidance he offers, clients believe in his reliability, consistency and services. With his amazing sales ability, awareness about the plus points of leasing and understanding about customer’s strength, his guidance is always found superlative in the industry.

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