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Must-Have Accessories For Winter Driving


As soon as the winter season sets in, we seem to be inundated with media reports about drivers becoming stranded because of unexpected snowfalls and treacherously icy roads. But unless you’ve actually been marooned with no chance of escape it’s very difficult to understand just how dangerous this can be. There are some items which, if you have them with you in the car throughout the colder period, can make life far more bearable should the worst case scenario actually occur.

Warm clothing

Even if you set out on a journey with a warm coat on, if you get stuck the dropping temperatures can represent a serious danger. In the trunk of your car you should make sure there is a heavy overcoat, as well as some gloves and a woolly hat. You may never need them, of course, but if you ever do you will be pleased to know they would be available. Another sensible inclusion is that of a thick blanket or two.


Some drivers have been stranded for several hours at a time, and their chances of survival soon drop if they can’t manage to keep their energy levels up. Therefore, a little survival pack should be included in the car, so you have something to eat and drink just in case. A bottle or two of water, some chocolate and a few cereal bars are highly recommended, as are items such as beef jerky.


These days, the mobile phone has become something of a status symbol among certain groups of people, but in an emergency it can also be your lifeline to survival. When there is inclement weather in the air, you should never embark on a car journey without your phone, and it’s a good idea to have an in-car charger as well, just in case you start to lose battery life just when you need it most.


When there are heavy falls of snow, it’s often the case that the main roads remain passable, although the side streets can prove difficult. On some occasions, your car could become stuck on impacted snow even though it’s only a few yards from a clear highway. Therefore, if you have a shovel in the trunk, you might be able to dig your way out. Other items such as a torch, a reliable tow-rope, an empty fuel container and a small tool-kit should be included as well. We all hope we never fall victim to bad weather when we’re on the road, but it’s best to be prepared just in case.

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