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Where To Buy A Pre-Owned Car From ?


With the current market trends and the establishment of personal car as a basic amenity has created a dilemma for the average American –whether to buy a New car or a Used car. Given the blown up rates of new cars, used cars are turning out to be more preferable these days, begging the question where to get your hands on a safe and affordable used car.

Before you set out to buy yourself a used car, a few things might help out. First of all, know well what your requirements are. Second of all, be prepared to haggle for a good deal but never compromise on the safety of the car. And, of course, find out where you would prefer to buy your car. There are several options available.

Car Supermarkets:

Although a recent trend, this option has proven to be legally sound and highly resourceful, especially for people trying to buy used cars for sale without a specific car/model in their mind.

The supermarkets, as the name would suggest, offers a great number of basic car models, but the variety in cars is often limited. Also, cheap used cars are available in quite excess, but there is little room for bargaining. Lastly, finding a rare car model in the stock is improbable.

Private Sale:

This certainly makes for the cheapest option to buy used cars for sale without the need for legal standings. The offers are extremely lucrative but the assurance of safety and warranty stands merely on the word of the seller. The seller has the mere legal obligation is to provide you an accurate description of the used car.

The limitations notwithstanding, this options serves up with the most diverse range of car models for sale as far as cheap used cars go.

Used Cars Dealers:

Used cars dealers are the more popular option since it offers multiple advantages over the other options. The dealers are usually a part of an established trade association which is registered with the government. This fact itself makes the used cars dealers a reliable source of safe, desirable and cheap used cars.

The dealer has a legal obligation to provide you a car that fulfills certain requirements that make the car safe for driving. The dealer, implicitly with the offer he makes, ensures that the car is not damaged other than the usual wear and tear, doesn’t have engine or body defects and has been accurately described to you. Also, the dealer must have the legal title to sell the car.

The best part of the dealer is the financial provisions he can facilitate. Used cars dealers offer the best suited deals for a used car, and these are often open for haggling. For a used car that belongs to the manufacturer’s approved scheme, free warranty along with complete inspection is offered.

However, the best benefit remains that the purchases from an established dealer accompanies a reliability of the car.

As a rule of thumb, remember these things when you set out to buy a used car:

Shortlist the type of car you want.

Be careful about the cars condition, by thorough inspection and test drive, especially for private purchase.

Preferably look for a franchised car dealer.

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