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When can I need VIN, and how to check it online?


Using online VIN check is the best way to gather information on a particular vehicle, as it is a unique number that identifies your vehicle, including construction and information. It is one of the most trustworthy ways. If you need to buy parts for your vehicle when there are multiple options over a wide range of model, your VIN will help you to buy correct component that fits your vehicle.

You can also perform a free online vehicle history check on your vehicle using the 17-digit code here You can search for service history, accident history, title status and check for pending recalls with the VIN only. The VIN is also great to have on hand in case your vehicle is being towed or in a collision. It will help to easily identify your vehicle, as only one vehicle has that particular VIN number – yours.

Why is VIN important?

In general, the VIN code is given to identify your vehicle’s uniqueness. When your VIN is decoded, the date of manufacture, the size of the engine, the model year and other details can be accurately obtained from your car. Especially when vehicle repairs or services are being carried out, the VIN number will ensure that the correct parts are being installed in your car. This means that the right oil filter is being used for oil changes, and the correct brake sizes, tire sizes and engine size are known to the technician for repairs.

It is important that you provide the website with the accurate VIN when making a check, so that it can give you the exact data. The VIN in your vehicle is found in some fairly common areas. It is there for a few different reasons –

  • Easily identify a specific vehicle in situations such as a traffic stop or vehicle repair,
  • Simple identification of suitable components,
  • Confirmation of corresponding numbers, as is the case with classic cars,
  • Multiple locations if a VIN location is unreadable.

Check the driver’s side panel

The first place you should look to find your VIN is at the top of your driver’s side panel. You will find a plate stamped with the VIN riveted on the panel.

Look in the driver’s door frame or the pillar

When you open the driver’s door, there is an identification tag placed on the edge of the door or on the pillar at the back of the driver’s door. The label has VIN mentioned on it.

Find the VIN under the hood

Another common place to find the VIN in your vehicle is under the hood. A label similar to the one found on the driver’s door pillar can be used.

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