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Why Should You Compare Car Insurance


Car insurances are a way to safeguard your expenses in case there is an accident or any other unforeseen event involving your vehicle. The rise in car sales have also given rise to risks related to the vehicle.. There are so many car insurances available in the market that one may easily get confused. Therefore, it is always wise to compare car insurance before buying one. It is better to avoid any unseen liability by availing a good car insurance policy beforehand. There are different cover levels for different car insurances from several companies. To compare car insurance is by far the best bet you can place, to obtain best cover and facilities with regards to car insurance.

Compare Car Insurance Now

Comparing car insurance is not a difficult task if you have all your criteria clear in your mind. There are several offers provided by insurance companies which are lucrative. Whether or not, they fulfil the criteria you are looking for, should also be considered before buying. To compare car insurance is, therefore, a key to having the best car insurance for your vehicle.

Some of the factors on the basis of which you can compare car insurance are listed below:

Compare Premiums break up: Comparing the premiums incurred on the policy you buy is an essential point which needs to be considered before buying the policy.

Check IDV: This is important as an Insured Declared Value should ideally cover your total losses in case of accident or theft. This is the basic reason as to why we look for car insurance i.e., to obtain maximum cover for the losses on the vehicle. IDV is basically the complete amount which the insurer will provide you, in case of total loss of your vehicle or theft.

Renewals: Check if renewals are easy and can be done instantly.

Claim settlement benefit: Check if there is a cashless facility on the claim settlement.

Negotiate for a discount: This is possible for majority of the companies and it is worth trying a negotiation as you may save good amount on the cost of the policy.

Additional Covers:

Zero Depreciation Cover: Some policies cover the cost of the damage caused to rubber, glass or other materials, which others may not cover. So, it is good to check on this point.

Engine Care: The engine of the car needs special care during monsoons and this is one of the additional covers provided by some companies.

NCB Benefit: No claim bonus is again a great point to check on, as most companies are generous with this. This basically means that there may be a discount on the renewal if there hasn’t been any claim made throughout the tenure of the active policy.

Numerous Options to choose from: When you are comparing car insurance, you can get instant quotes from several leading companies and there are several options to choose from the wide variety of insurance plans in front of you.

Saves time and money: If you compare car insurance online, it will indeed save you a lot of time and money.

Transparency: When you are purchasing car insurance online, you can be rest assured about the transparency in charges and claims.

Customized Policy Possible: When you compare car insurance, several companies provide quotes and also provide you with a completely customizable policy to suit your needs. The policy can be customized not only with regards to the type of policy or the IDV, but also with respect to the Add-ons that you receive.

Summing up, these points can get you several advantages if you have compared the car insurances well.

Car Insurance At Affordable Prices

Besides providing cost-effective and advantageous add-ons, car insurances come at affordable prices. The additional savings that you make can be added to the other factors, which can help save further on the premiums. The ways in which you can avail the same are described in the following list:

Installation of Security Devices: Anti-theft devices are a small investment to make in securing your car which can also help you get a discount on your car premiums. The only condition here is that these security devices need to be approved by the ARAI- Automotive Research Association of India.

Avail the No Claim Bonus: This can help you bring down the cost of your car insurance and can lower your premium by 50%.

Gone are the days when buying car insurance was tedious or heavy on your pocket. These days, with much competition and several choices, car insurances are very much affordable.

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