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Good and Bad Ways to Get Finances for Your Car Purchase


If you make a decision to acquire a car, you should also consider all possible financing options. With such a large purchase, a lot of expenses can become unexpected for you. Let’s choose one option for financing your car for you.

Remember: if you are looking for the most profitable way to purchase a car, then you must pay it in cash – in full or in part. There is no other way to save your money because you have to pay interest on any loan or contract.

So, if you have enough money to pay in cash, follow these rules:

Even if you have the opportunity to save money, do not rush to spend all of your savings, so you do not have to take out a loan in case of an unforeseen situation.

If you have the full amount for a car and no more savings, spend some of the savings on the car and save part of the entire amount.

Do not neglect insurance if it is profitable and does not require large investments.

Using a personal loan for the purchase

In order to take a personal loan, it is really important to have a nice credit rating. The loan can be issued for 1-7 years. If you choose this way, you should not tie your house to a loan in case you do not have the opportunity to pay off your debt. You run the risk of losing your property.

HP to finance a new car

Another way to get a car with a credit is to take a hire purchase (HP), where the credit is separated from purchasing a car. To do this, you need to collect an amount of 10% to make monthly payments according to the contract.

The particulars of such a loan are that you use a car, but do not own it until you pay the full amount. Such loans are usually issued by car dealers.

What about the credit card

Using a credit card when purchasing a car is a safe and secure way. Even if you have a delay, you can make small sums and do not have big problems as long as you are cooperating with the bank.

But here there is an underwater stone – dealers can take up to 3% for processing a card. Also, you cannot always purchase this card.

And the last one: peer-to-peer loans to fund a new car

If loans in banks or other financial contracts do not suit you, you can use social credit or peer-to-peer loans. This is a type of loans when individuals lend money to each other without the participation of banks. Such loans you can arrange on sites like Zopa.

But do not think that this is a good way if you have a bad credit rating. On the contrary, the system checks your rating and you are unlikely to get a loan if you have a bad credit. Also, depending on the rating, you get different interest rates. However, this system has the highest interest rates in comparison with banks.

If you have other requirements for lending, see the article on same day loans.

The worst ways to purchase a car

De-Investing In Your Home

Do not make this mistake, even if you really need a car. Find other ways. Do not be tempted by HELOC, because you are at risk of losing your property.

Using Your 401 (k)

Keep your 401 (k) account in order not to regret the wrong decisions when you retire. A car is not worth it to risk your future. There really are many pitfalls here.

In the end, we can say that we should not make hasty decisions. Approach yourself wisely to this issue in order to provide yourself with the most comfortable and safe loan for buying a car. The best way is to choose a loan that is not tied to your property and has a minimum interest rate. Also, choose a reliable creditor who will be able to re-arrange your loan in the event that you have extraordinary circumstances and will not be able to pay payments.

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