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New or Used? A Guide to Auto Purchase


For the motorist, it has always been the big question, and when you analyse things, both have their benefits. A new car is straight off the production line and has never been driven, aside from the few miles during transportation, which certainly has an appeal, especially if you plan on keeping the vehicle for a good few years. Yet, if you see things from another perspective, a used car should be mechanically sound, and basically perform just as well as its new cousin, plus there is a considerable difference in price. Let’s take a deeper look at both options, which might help you make the right decision next time you’re in the market for a vehicle.

Buying New

As mentioned, you have a vehicle in factory condition, and with modern quality control, every model is identical in every way, and there’s rarely any issues. The vehicle will be warrantied, and with regular servicing and some TLC, you have a reliable vehicle for many years. There are some things to bear in mind when buying a car, and how long you expect to keep the vehicle is a critical element. Some people like change and would trade in every 2 or 3 years, and in this case, you would be paying a lot for the privilege if you’re buying new. On average, when a new car is driven out of the showroom, it loses 11% of its value, which is a considerable amount of money, and if you plan on selling it after a year or two, the price will have dropped considerably. If money isn’t an issue and you like quality, there are BMW dealers in Wakefield with an impressive range of both new and used vehicles, with excellent service from an established dealer.

Second Hand Cars

Buying a used vehicle can be risky, depending on who you purchase from. A private seller would not offer any warranty on the vehicle, so anything that goes wrong with it after the sale is down to the new owner. There are many online car sales companies, and if you make sure you buy from an established dealer with an affiliation to the manufacturer they represent, and a simple search will reveal the whereabouts of a registered dealer in your area. The benefits of buying from a dealer are many, including a solid warranty on any used vehicle, which means they have put the vehicle through a thorough examination and replaced whatever was defective. An established dealer would have a good reputation and cannot afford to have any unhappy customers, so any used car on their forecourt has passed quality control.

There are many factors that might influence a person’s decision to buy new or used, and finances definitely come into play. High earners might not consider a second hand vehicle, whereas a young driver who is looking for their first car would likely go for something a few years old, although, if you are employed, you can always take advantage of the finance options. If a person is shrewd and knows about cars, they can have very affordable motoring, which is appealing to many drivers.

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