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What Steps Every Smart Car Buyer Must Follow


Buying a new car brings many distractions in the way. The deciding factors and the huge number of similar cars crowding the market do confuse a buyer quite often. To add to the situation, car dealers both offline and online are desperate to sell their stock by push notifications and advertisements that causes more hindrance to the buyers than help.

As suggested by the San Jose Audi dealer, to keep you calm and composed at this event of excitement, here are few steps following which you can ensure a smart deal getting the most out of your investment.

Calculating your Monthly Budget

It is a known fact that for buying a new car any buyer would spend from the fund he has raised for this purpose. That is the amount to be spent for the down payment, but when it comes to pay back the loan, run and maintain your car the aspect that comes first is calculating the monthly cost you have to bear after the purchase. Before making a deal, as a buyer you must calculate your affordability that can place you comfortably in the coming months till the loan is repaid. The calculation needs to include the down payment to balance the amount both ways.

Find Vehicles that Suits Your Budget

Once the budget figure is in front of you, next comes the stage to find a car that suits it from every angle. The research should include not only the total price payable at the counter, but also the mileage, the maintenance cost, the insurance cover and the financing options.

Making the Most of Your Existing Car

If you already have a car, you are in an advantageous position. You can think either of selling it yourself, if you are good at it, or can use the car as a trade in to reduce the burden of tasks as well as the cost of the new car.

Compare Financing Rates

The process of buying the new car cannot go ahead without fixing up a financing option. Now, this is another deciding factor that might narrow your list of favorites still further depending upon the offer you manage to find and the terms and conditions the financing companies place before you.

Cut Short the List of Choices

With all these steps taken, the San Jose Audi dealer experts say that the search would automatically show you with lesser number of choices. But this time, you have to take a step forward from your side to cut it even shorter. The number should not cross two or three.

Select the Right Dealership

Based on all other aspects that have suited your purpose, expectations, affordability and choice, try to get the best price offered by the dealers around you. If you get a good price too far, you need to calculate the transportation cost that would add up to your total cost. The list should be revised on the basis of rebates and incentives that are being offered by the dealers around you. Contact as many dealers as possible and do not hesitate to take the price list and bargain. Beware of the extra fees and upsells that many dealers might try to push in.

Lastly, be patient and willing to wait till you get the right deal. Don’t feel shy to walk away from a deal that isn’t comfortable for you at this moment.

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